Find Your Passion

And turn it into a successful business that serves and helps others.

Eventually leading to your Calling & Purpose.

Non Profit Company

Help grow our next generation of entrepreneurs

NPC #2018/298893/08

About us?

A charity for South AFRICAN ENTREPRENEURS. helping individuals turn their passion into a SUCCESSFUL business.

as well as food and clothing gifts to the homeless 

As I am sure most of you reading this have reached the level of understanding that it is becoming increasingly difficult and unfulfilling, living the lives that society teaches us to live.. Being herded around like sheep trading our time for money. Not knowing time is a lot more valuable than money. As our time is limited, who would want to spend their entire lives in the confines of a little box working for someone else’s dreams


Is to bridge the gap for those who have an amazing idea, plan, vision, goal, dream or calling, that they want to achieve. However, financially they just cant get started or are unable to put all the puzzle pieces together of starting their own business successfully.

Thus giving them the freedom to outsource their work allowing them the time to help others build their own passion, this is where we hand you over to our counterparts. Eternal-Success Pty ltd. We are funding future successful entrepreneurs by sponsoring a full Biz-box package. Which includes everything you could ever need to start up your own successful business.

The Biz-Box Package Includes:

Company registration, Sars advice and registration, Corporate Identity, logo, website, social media marketing, email marketing, building a business or personal brand, passive income, eCommerce and much more. Then topping it all off with amazing courses and the best investing strategies for South Africans.

What more could you want??

“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”

Business Plan

BizBox offers a fully personalised business plan to guide the client through the best monetization options for their passion. (building their dream business)

Web Design

BizBox is 100% equipped with the latest website building softwares, Giving the client/benifactor an option of 1000’s of themes as well as an entirely unlimited custom built website.

Investing in SA

BizBox Teaches South Africans the vitally important art of investing. From long term consistent strategies to high risk high reward Forex and Commodity trading

Tax Advice

BizBox provides amazing advice & info on the daunting process of tax stratedgies for new businesses. 

Personal Mentorship

BizBox comes with a life time contact and support From the CEO and serial entrepreneur Patrick Tuson

Business Registration

BizBox offers full business registration for all kinds of busineses and charities

An amazing video of our wild life rescue partners at

(saving the rhino)

Our Team


“The future of our nation lies in the hands of our next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Florah Leboko

Florah Leboko

Charity Developer

Kgaogelo Thipe

Kgaogelo Thipe

Company Attorney

some PRize machine Winners